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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there free parking available for the festivals?
Yes, free parking is available at most festivals (all excluding Winchester).

Are dogs allowed?
Yes, dogs are very welcome at all shows providing they leave some food for us and that they remain on leads.
As the show is centred around food, hygiene is very important and it is essential that any dog mess is cleared as soon as possible.

Are there toilets available?
Yes, there are toilets at all festivals.

Are there concessions for disabled people?
Yes, there are concessions for disabled people and their carers. Please see our Tickets page for details.

Is there a charge to enter the Chilli Eating competition?
No, the Chilli Eating competition is free.

What’s happening on the day?
Each festival has a full schedule of events. Please see the Location page you are interested in for more details.

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