Cheese & Chilli Festival


General Information

We hope you are looking forward to joining us at the Cheese & Chilli Festivals. Due to COVID-19, we are having to do things a bit different this year so please be patient with us as this is all new to our way of operating.  

Please note that if you answer Yes to any of the questions below, we cannot allow you access to the event and advise you to stay home, self-isolate and contact 111. 


  1. Have you had a high temperature?
  2. Have you had any of the following symptoms: a new, continuous cough or a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste?
  3. Have you tested positive for COVID-19?
  4. Have you been contacted by the NHS test and trace services asked to self-isolate?
  5. Are you self-isolating after returning or entering the UK?
  6. Has anyone in your household or your close contacts had (or does anyone currently have): a high temperature, a new continuous cough or a loss of, or change to, their sense of taste or smell?
  7. Has anyone in your household or your close contacts tested positive for COVID-19?

When checking in;

  1. Please have your barcode ready for scanning either displayed on the phone or via a printed version. 
  2. Please maintain social distancing when in queues at all times.
  3. Please be respectful of others space when in the event.
  4. If you want to visit a stall and there are already a few people there, please return when it’s quieter.
  5. Bar service – During Stage 3, we have to follow government guidance and will be offering a ‘take away’ bar service which allows people to purchase sealed containers before moving to a seated area and then opening the container.
  6. Consuming food and drink – Government guidance stipulates that in Stage 3, nobody is permitted  to move around whilst eating and drinking.  Everyone must be seated either on a picnic blanket, hay bale, the floor, table and or chair.
  7. That said, we encourage you to bring with you your own picnic blanket. There are tables and chairs available but these are limited. 

We want everyone to feel comfortable at the event so please let’s look out for each other the way we have done so for the past 18 months.  The events industry has been hit hard by the pandemic and if we want events to go ahead we have to demonstrate that we can all obey the rules.

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