Cheese & Chilli Festival


Book your tickets to the Cheese & Chilli event near you.

Adults: On the gate – £8, in advance – £6

Senior: On the gate – £6, in advance – £4
(Seniors are aged 65+)

On the gate – £6, in advance – £4

Children under 16 – FREE

  • Tickets are available to purchase and can be used on the specified day selected when purchased Saturday or the Sunday.
  • A ticket cannot be used more than once (i.e. on both days) as the system will reject it.
  • Deadline for tickets is 8.00pm on the Thursday before the event weekend.
  • Camping is available at the Christchurch Cheese & Chilli Festival at £10 per person. If you are interested in this, please contact the Cheese & Chilli Team for more details.
  • Tickets for the Guildford Cheese & Chilli Festival can also be purchased via Guildford’s Tourist Information Centre


25th & 26th May



8th & 9th June


22nd & 23rd June



6th & 7th July


20th & 21st July


3rd & 4th August


17th & 18th August

Discount Vouchers

Don’t forget to collect your discount vouchers on the door along with your programme.  The vouchers are worth approximately £20 so you can get the cost of your entry back when you buy your goodies.  The vouchers are available to spend whilst at the event and some are available to spend online from selected traders.

Tickets are available online or on the door. Discounted online tickets are only available up to 8pm on the Thursday before the event weekend. After this you will still be able to purchase tickets on the door at the standard rate. Click a location for specific details on each venue, including schedules, directions and maps:

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